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Author JoAnn Matthews shares practical tips on a variety of topics.
Learn more about them in these books!


Road Warriors – Life Lessons

The asphalt highways of America are fraught with many perils. One cannot be too complacent when on the road. Disaster can strike at any moment, and a split second may mean the difference between life and death.

Learn how to drive safe and drive smart with JoAnn Matthews as she shares her experiences. (Ages 12+)


Drug abuse is a problem that pervades societies all over the world, affecting millions of lives and health. Illegal drugs affect both the user and the people around him.

This book is an eye-opening look into the issue of drugs, underscoring the importance of awareness and knowledge to combat the problem. (Ages 12+)

The Trouble with Mojo is an entertaining and lively picture book. It will captivate the attention of children and adults alike who are passionate about pets. It’s a good story to brighten their day and instill patience with disobedient young pets.  (Ages 0-8)

Red, White, and Who.

Follow a group of boys who embark on a mystery to find missing bicycles decorated for a 4th of July parade. The boys must interact with their community because law enforcement is busy with festivities surrounding the parade.  (Ages 8+)

Move Over Miss Clover tells of an overzealous brown cow sitting with school children on a bus. The presence of the cow makes for a fun ride to school. Find out what happens next! (Ages 0-8)


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